About Alexia Evans

Alexia EvansLexi comes from a biracial and multi cultural background, a fusion of western African influences and Central European values. Growing up in this rich cultures so diverse yet so similar, she was introduced to a world of tales and folklore from a very tender age, which helped her developed a keen sense for adventure and story telling.

She wrote her first book (not published) when she was 3 years old a short illustration with words, titled “how a butterfly found its way home” she has since written 5 books till date.

Lexi was born in 2010, which makes her one of the youngest writers in Slovakia and in the world.

She has a passion for animals, nature, fashion, photography, music, yoga and dancing. Using her own words “I love doing a lot of things but when I sit down to write, I just let it go and the words flow all around me like I am part of the story I am writing” . Since Lexi is bilingual, she writes her books in English and Slovak language. Lexi lives in Bratislava with her parents.